Kinderdance® International is recognizing Tamra Odrobina as Franchisee of the Month for July 2019.

Ms. Odrobina purchased her franchise in March 2014.Tamra has a degree in Early Childhood Development and Business Management. She has been a leader and educator in the field of child care, for the past twenty-eight years. Her experience in the art of dance began at the age of four, and she has been teaching dance to children of all ages, specializing in preschool through elementary aged children.

As a Certified Early Childhood Movement Specialist, Tamra brings Kinderdance® programs to young children on site at child care centers, preschools and other viable locations throughout the central metro Detroit area. Ms. Odrobina has a passion for the art of dance and enjoys working with young children. Being a Kinderdance franchisee is a perfect fit for Tamra. Her jubilant personality and love dance and for working with young children are excellent attributes that make Tamra a successful Kinderdance franchisee!

Tamra’s passion for dance, gymnastics and dedication to educating children through dance and movement has strengthened the Kinderdance® brand in her community. Kinderdance® Michigan has been growing steadily adding center location sand student enrollment.
With over 150 Franchisees in the US and around the world, Kinderdance® places emphasis on building self-confidence and self-esteem in children through learning to share, lead, interact and respond to others’ needs as well as their own. The programs incorporate the arts, movement, education, music, fitness and the fun of learning into a young child’s life.

“We are very proud of Ms. Tamra’s contributions to the health and education of young boys and girls in the state of Michigan,” said Richard Maltese, CEO and president of Kinderdance® International. “Ms. Tamra’s dedication over the past year has made her an integral part of the Kinderdance® family, and we are happy to have her as a Kinderdance franchisee.”